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Quality Landscape Services in Surrey & Surrounding Areas since 1995

Prevent Storm Runoff & Erosion

Natural Lawn Care’s services help to reduce storm runoff, as well as improve water quality by promoting healthful micro-organisms and filtering rainwater contaminants. Lawns provide a significant natural cooling effect for any property while also providing oxygen, trapping dirt and dust, and preventing erosion.

Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Mowing –Weekly, biweekly schedules & holiday mowing

  • Fertilizer Programs –Spring, summer & fall

  • Edging –Overgrown or just need a touch-up

  • Gardening –Weeding & fluffing, regular schedules or 1-time

  • Aerating –Reducing compaction & increasing nutrient uptake.

  • Pruning –Hedging, individual cedars, rhododendrons, roses, shrubs & trees

  • Spring & Fall Cleanups –Leaf cleanup, storm cleanup

  • Power Raking –Remove light moss or thatch from lawns

  • Grub Control

  • Lawn Renovations –Insect damage, disease damage, moss & leveling

  • Verticutting –When there is too much thatch, mechanically cutting vertical lines to increase air circulation

  • Snow Blowing, Shoveling & Ice Melter

Make your residential or commercial landscape a thing of beauty with services from Natural Lawn Care. Please contact us with any questions you might have, or to book a free estimate.

Strata Services

Natural Lawn Care specializes in providing landscape maintenance and strata work for residential and commercial clients in Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver and surrounding communities. Whatever your needs may be, we will create a custom landscape maintenance plan that will fit your budget and your schedule.

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